Things to check out....

Good morning!  It's a beautiful Sunday morning in November.  The sky is clear and the air is warm - for once we've been given an extended autumn and it has been remarkable.

I wanted to point you to a couple of things newly on the local crafty schedule:

Amy Gaines of Darling Cakes is teaming up with Six Mile Vineyard and Ithaca No Grainer for a charity event to benefit the Food Bank of the Southern Tier on Wednesday, Nov. 30th.  Amy's company is venturing into cake decorating parties (yes, Craftstitutes, you can learn to apply your artistic skills to sweet stuff), and this is a kick off event for this new venture.  You can buy tickets here.  A little wine with friends, trying out a new bakery specializing in grain-free goods, decorating sweets, and helping out our local food bank - what could be a better way to start off the holiday season?

Last year for Christmas, I bought my husband a set of Colleen McCall's gorgeous soy sauce bowls (that's how we use them!).  Her work is colorful and happy and slightly retro.  I knew that she occasionally taught workshops, so I was thrilled to see this plate painting class on offer Sunday afternoon, December 4th.  I can't go, but I think it will be well worth the trek to Elmira.  Colleen sells at Handworks, so she can deliver the finished products to the store for pick up.  Darn it, checking Handworks site, I noticed that she held a holiday decoration class on Nov. 4.  Maybe we can convince her to try that again in December because that would be a fabulous gift!

We hope to get a calendar of events to keep an eye on up soon.  Meanwhile, we'll keep sharing fun crafty activities around town!


November Doings

Greetings Craftstitutes!  

It's hard to believe that Halloween was Monday.  It feels like it's been the first week of November forever.  Must be election fatigue.

We spent way more time than we had making an elaborate set of articulating wings for the MiMBY Girl's Maximum Ride costume.  When my husband gets involved, simplicity goes out the window.  By the time he built the gorgeous substructure, I was completely intimidated at the prospect of meeting expectations for the feathers.  We managed to make it work.  Too bad it couldn't withstand the highfives of fellow 5th graders at the school parade.

Fun stuff is on the calendar around town.  

In addition to her class schedule, Graham of Gourdlandia will be hosting her 3rd annual Dabble-Do - a make and take fundraiser for ages 8 & up over the Thanksgiving weekend.  This year, all funds collected will go towards school supplies for students in Burma.  If you're in town, this will be a great family outing.  

Sarah Gotowka is running Weave Your Own Scarf, an introduction to the floor harness loom in both November and December.  This two-part workshop is designed for lots of one on one instruction as students learn the complete process and finish with a gorgeous final product.  Sarah is a wonderful bubbly teacher with loads of good energy, so if you've ever wanted to try weaving, this is your class.  Tell your family that you need this as an early holiday gift!

A friend sent me a link to this place, which I haven't had time to check out, but looks promising. Located in an old corset factory in Cortland, they have classes in ceramics, alcohol ink painting, and basketry.  

Be on the lookout for a fun charity event at Six Mile Creek Vineyard on Thanksgiving weekend that I just heard about from one of the participants.  Nothing is on either's schedule yet, but let's just say that it involves Darling Cake and learning new skills.

We'll add more as we hear of fun things to do!


Hold Tight

My sister-in-law recently sent me yarn, a pattern, and a request to turn these things into a shawl/poncho for her.  Enclosed in the package was this card:

"Hold tight, and pretend it's a plan."

It feels a little bit like behind the scenes here at Craftstitute.

Because we are not running classes at the moment, I wanted to steer fellow Craftstitutes to local businesses who are running classes, great classes, exciting classes where you make cool things.  Without further commentary and in no particular order, check out the following makers:

Gourdlandia - Graham Otto is running some great classes this fall, one is alongside Emily Blair of the new A Place to Sew making Halloween Candy Containment items for parents and kids.  She is also running a couple of adult classes - making a globe light and a gourd clock.  Their space at Eco Village is serene and well worth the short trek up west hill.

A Space to Sew is a new entity in Eco Village, but open to all.  They are filling the need for people with limited space who just need an hour here or there to use a machine.  Emily and Aubrie, the women behind the operation, are also teaching classes for beginners and those feeling a little rusty in their skills.  They also have a great list of "on demand" classes that offer all sorts of ideas for a group who would like to take a class together for a special occasion gift.  Emily has taken several Craftstitute classes - she is a lovely person with a gentle demeanor, and their partnership with Graham offers a great space for classes and workshops.  

The Ithaca Generator doesn't have any classes currently on the schedule, but they have a membership full of talented folks willing to teach a group anything that fits... well, anything. They have a 3D printer and I keep thinking about buttons for sewing...... There was also talk of laser cut earrings.  Seriously, there are POSSIBILITIES.  Check out their site.

Sarah Gotowka - It's kind of hard to keep up with Sarah, she's got a lot going on in her creative world.  I suggest following her on Facebook for current dye workshops.  She has opened a weaving studio in Trumansburg and is also teaching classes there.  The tapestry class looks like a fun one.  This medicinal dye workshop on Nov. 6th in Press Bay Alley should be fabulous as well.  

Laura Rowley - Laura is part of Revival Book Arts in Trumansburg.  She is a gifted book maker and binder and has taught classes for Craftstitute.  Wonderful classes.  While her website doesn't list any upcoming classes, I'd suggest emailing as I know she has been teaching a bit around town, there was a great workshop she did with Sarah this past summer.

The Clay School of Ithaca has a bunch of fantastic looking workshops - the Tile Making weekend workshop in December is especially appealing!

Knitting classes - I noted the other day that Homespun Boutique has a sign in the window offering beginning knitting classes with a phone number.  Give Julie a call and find out what she's offering.  :: (607) 277-0954 ::  Sew Green has a bunch of classes listed.  They never post the teacher's name, which is a pet peeve of mine, but maybe call and ask unless you don't care. Quilters' Corners has a huge list of classes, including a bunch that look to be gift driven.

Please let me know if you know of some classes to include on this list, if you would like to share an upcoming class you're teaching, or if you are looking for more local classes.  My goal is to make it as easy as possible for people to learn, make, and create!  

And connect!